Core Drilling Delays Dorm Project

When the architect failed to make arrangements for HVAC and plumbing penetrations to be manufactured into pre-stressed concrete of a dormitory, causing delays and significant cost overruns to the HVAC subcontractor, John Osborn, while an associate at a prior firm, proceeded to trial and recovered a $500,000 jury verdict on behalf of the HVAC subcontractor against the general contractor.

Construction Manager Ignores Solid Waste Regulations Relating to Excavated Material

When a construction manager proceeded with an excavation to build a major structure on a New York City university campus, the construction manager disposed of the excavated materials at a site which was not able to accept the type of material which was shipped. As a result of this significant mistake and other failures by the construction manager to understand regulatory requirements, the university faced cost overruns in excess of $5 million. John E. Osborn P.C. investigated the regulatory and operational short-comings of the construction manager and prosecuted claims for the excessive cost incurred.

Extensive Repairs & Payments for Carbon Monoxide Incident

Carbon monoxide contamination from a dormitory’s modular boiler system sent a number of students to the hospital. John E. Osborn P.C. oversaw the extensive required repairs and pursued the manufacturer, engineer, design/builder, marketing and maintenance companies to pay.

Mold Abatement Strategy Allows College Facility to Open

The new administration and student activity center of a college experienced mold growth on the walls and in the HVAC duct work due to plumbing leaks and failure to complete roof installation on a timely basis.  Our Firm developed a mold abatement strategy for the owner that allowed the school to open in a timely fashion.

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